Bridget Riley: The Dynamics of Perception

Baldwin Books
Publisher: Baldwin Books
Dimensions: 12.7 x 18 cm

Despite her firmly established links to the Op art movement, Bridget Riley has consistently strived to escape all labels and rather has set her own path; one guided by the compass of perception. Riley has forged her life-long quest for uncovering the physiological, psychological and even metaphysical potential of the human eye through vibrant abstract works that present the viewer with unexpected variations of seemingly basic lines, shapes, and colours that bring to life pulsating and hypnotizing artworks. While at first glance Riley's works may seem like playful optical effects resulting from mathematical or computational calculations, they are in fact the result of the artist's first-hand observations. In doing so, Riley's approach to artmaking resembles that of an empiricist, that is Riley's work exists from an experience as oppose to a creation from theory.


This text develops how over her successful decades-long career Riley has developed a unique method of exploring and ex-post capturing the variants and dynamics of perception through a highly distinctive aesthetic that relies on the use of scarce yet deeply effective form and color, the result of which generates a powerful visual reaction. Her method is informed not only by her trained and sensitive eye but also by an exploration of how other artists have dealt with perception before her - notably the modern French artists Georges Seurat and Claude Monet.


The text explores Riley's creative journey and looks at the intuitive yet strict process behind her paintings, silkscreens, and, more recently, murals using both the artist's works and her writings on art historical topics and perception as sources.




Bridget Riley: The Dynamics of Perception: Baldwin Books
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